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  • Originally built in the second half of the 16th century on the sight of former stables to serve as “Hofkasten”, the structure was meant as a storehouse for mine workers’ foodstuffs. Any kind of storable food like grain, beans or fat etc. was preserved there.
  • The night watchmen observed the village from top of the tower of the “Hofkasten” in order to check for fire hazards (wooden roofs).
  • An extensive renovation took place in 1717.
  • When the mine workers started to help each other corporately and when they founded a “worker – consume- union” in 1868, the “Hofkasten” lost its function.
  • The “Hofkasten” decayed and was demolished.
  • A new bank in the style of New Renaissance was built on the sight and was opened in 1888 by the “Ausseer Sparkasse” (savings bank) which had been founded in 1866.
  • After the savings bank moved to its new location in the Bahnhofstraße in 1964, a branch of the district administration was established there. Political “Exposituren” are subsidiaries of larger district authorities. The first so called Expositur was established in Bad Aussee from 1850 on (new regulations in 1868, 1906 and 1948); the Styrian state governor closed the “Expositur” in Bad Aussee on Dec 31st, 2011.
  • Today the building houses private homes.

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