12 Mauthaus von Brücke
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  • First documented in 1413 (house N° 39,40).
  • After the great market fires in 1543, the house was rebuilt between the years 1583-1584.
  • Since that time, it has been in the possession of the owners of the local saltmine. It was called the ‘‘Aufhaberhaus”, the seat of those who controlled salt loading and the toll officers. The passing bridge is still called “Toll Bridge” today.
  • At this time, the street level was a few meters lower than it is today.
  • From 1849 onwards, it served as a residential house. In the 1930s, the first Ausseer museum was housed there. Since 1849, the two houses also shared a common designed façade.
  • Later, it served as a residential and commercial building. From 1879 to 1972, the living and practice rooms of the Ausseer salt mine doctors were also housed there.
  • 1961-1977: Two rooms served as a community library.
  • Today it’s a residential and commercial building owned by the Salinen Proberty Company.


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