08 Hölzlsauerhaus
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  • The patrician house was built at Chlumecky Square in 1481.
  • It was purchased in 1533 by Christof Praunfalk (who was one of the most powerful men at that time).
  • Until the 19th century, the house belonged to various powerful and influential men.
  • The house was a trading house and later it was also an inn.
  • In 1808, a Hölzlsauer family member acquired the house, which remained in this family until recently.
  • Until 1814, the Hölzlsauer merchant family operated the “Weinschrankrecht” (liquor license for the selling of wine) and until 1858 it was the sole iron trade. Furthermore the business was expanded to include a shipping trade, which operated very successfully.
  • Theodor Georg Hölzlsauer was mayor from 1886 to 1892 and from 1901 to 1908. He had the honour of welcoming Emperor Franz Josef to Aussee in 1902.
  • He was succeeded by two further generations of the Hölzlsauer family, who were also successful in the shipping trade.
  • Until the 1950s, the company Traunmüller operated a shipping trade with a coffee house on the premises.
  • This house is under monument protection and is now used als a residential and commercial building.

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