Alte Steinmühle

alte steinmuehle
13 Steinmühle
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  • The stone mill was built around 1300 and is the oldest mill in Bad Aussee.
  • Sgraffito-decoration from around 1600 was uncoverd by renovations in 1953 and the building was put under monument protection.
  • 1735 – 1753 it was owned by Josef Fröhlich from Altaussee. He learned the miller trade and later became the court player of the elector from Sachsen, August the Strong.
  • The state-run grain mill,which was situated near the toll bridge, was mentioned in the land register up until the year 1827.
  • In 1952 the mill wheel was replaced by a low pressure turbine. In 1971 all the technical installations of the mill were removed.
  • Since 1900 the stone mill is in family possession. In the years 1992/93 the sagraffito-decoration and a picture of the Virgin Mary above the entrance were refurbished with great efforts, including the protection of historical monuments.

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