Erzherzog Johann Brücke

erzherzog johann bruecke
11 EHJ Brücke ganz
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  • The bridge may have been built as far back as the time when Aussee was settled. It had previously been a simple jetty at a slightly different spot as the current one.
  • The first evidence of a new construction dates from around the year 1350.
  • Other renovations were made in 1501, in 1572, in 1673 (called `Spittlbrücke´as it lay next to the hospital), in 1821 and in 1840.
  • In 1867, the bridge was completely renewed, removing the stalls (mostly butchers´) that were located on the bridge.
  • In 1893, the bridge again was renewed and at that time the wooden chapel including the statue of St. Nepomuk was removed (which is now located at the E-Werk bridge).
  • After several repairs, the bridge was renewed yet again in 1936/37; at that time its name was changed from `Toll Bridge´to `Archduke Johann Bridge´. During the construction works, traffic was led to a makeshift bridge downstream, which caused considerable traffic chaos at that time.
  • During the opening ceremony of the new bridge (see picture) on July 18th, 1937, a relief painting created by Alois Feichtinger was placed on the pier showing Archduke Johann and his wife Anna Plochl.
  • In 1952, a statue of the Virgin Mary, also created by the sculptor Alois Feichtinger, was put up.
  • More than 80 years later, the old bridge was no longer able to withstand increasing traffic, and was thus rebuilt in 2012.

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