17 Podenhaus
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  • The origins of the “Gasteig Burgherhaus” date back to at least the middle of the 15th century; it can be assumed that a building existed on sight even earlier. The oldest evidence dates from the year 1501, when the Ausseer citizen Andre Scherer acquired the house.
  • From 1556 on, the house was a bakery, until the miller Gatterer, who was also the owner of the church’s mill, acquired the house. In 1794, a family of merchants called Poden purchased the house, which is listed today by the historic preservation society.
  • All members of the Poden family were skilled merchants und influenced the businesses of Bad Aussee apart from their own affairs. Some were market judges – later this function became the function of the mayor – such as Mathias in 1760, Georg in 1781, Jacob from 1800 to 1806 and Anton Poden from 1820 to 1848. Franz Ignaz Poden also possessed the “Freihaus at the Upper Market” (also see “Hofer-Haus”, Chlumeckyplatz 2). Georg and Anna Poden donated new bells for the “Pfarrkirche” in 1874 (in addition to the old “ Kunigunde” from the year 1445).
  • A department store was located in the basement of the building until the 1960s.
  • Today the building is used both residentially and commercially.

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