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05 Altes Forsthaus
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  • In 1826, the Hallamt of Aussee was dissolved and thus all the agendas of the Forestry Authorities were finally put under the control of the k.k. Obersalzamt Gmunden. Due to the new Forestry Act of Sept 1852 and the dissolution of the responsible ministry in June 1953, the Obersalzamt (`United k.k. Saltworks and Forest Directorate´) was split into the sectors `Saline´and `Forestry´. Aussee remained under the supervision of Gmunden until the privatization in 1997.
  • The “Old Foresthouse” was built in 1852 and shows a façade with a grooved base as a special feature. At that time, the forestry administration of Aussee consisted of 13 foresters, 24 “rottmasters” and 275 lumberjacks.
    Due to the changes in the salt-heating-process from wood to coal (opening of the Salzkammergut train in 1887), the number of workers was drastically reduced.
  • The Forest Company Aussee covered an area of about 47,000 hectares and has recently employed about 40 staff members.
  • The Forestry Administration was renamed
    `Austrian State Forestries´ (picture with the former administration staff members in 1945).
  • In 1998, the Forestry Administration Bad Aussee was closed due to restructuring and streamlining.

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