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  • The first version of this plague column was built from 1679-1680 in gratitude that Aussee had been spared from this terrible epidemic.
  • The theme of the “old” plague column was the Holy Trinity; the columns were gilded. On the steps there was a coat of arms of the market. A wooden fence protected the monument from curious visitors.
  • The exact location of the column at the “Upper Market” was at the site of the current “Cihlarz” fountain.
  • For about 200 years, this column was situated at the “Upper Market”. As the freestanding monument was constantly exposed to different weather conditions, it was in danger of falling over and had to be removed out of safety concerns.
  • Master painter Franz Moser initiated the planning of a new monument and started collecting donations from the population.
  • In 1876, the Prince-Bishop of Graz-Seckau, Johann Baptist Zwerger, approved the remaining funding from the assets of Aussee’s Church of St. Leonhard.
  • At the request of the local authorities, the construction of the monument at the current site was started and the old plague column was demolished.
  • The sculptural features were completed by Jakob Gschiel from Spital am Phyrn; the marble was provided by the local quarry belonging to the monastery.
  • The base of the old column was set up in the Kurpark of Aussee; the upper part now serves as the base of the Trinity Column in the Kurpark of Altaussee.

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