22 Lößl-Uhr
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  • The Lößl-Clock was constructed by Friedrich v. Lößl (1817-1907).
  • Originally it had an autodynamic drive: The mainspring oft the clock was wound automatically by the differences in atmospheric pressure.
  • In 1894 the Lößl-Clock had to be removed from the Währinger Gürtel in Vienna because of the railway. 1897 it was relocated to Bad Aussee in place of the old market-fountain.
  • Since 1960 the Lößl-Clock stood still, 1979 an electric clockwork was installed.
  • Friedrich v. Lößl was a versatile genius: He trassated railway lines (like the Salzkammergutbahn) and founded the contour lines for this purpose.
  • His Villa Gentiana in the Bahnhofstraße was full of flight models. His main work „Der Luftwiderstand“ (1895) was a breakthrough development for constructions of airplanes.

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