Hotel Erzherzog Johann

hotel erzherzog johann
04 Erzherzog Johann vom Kurhaus
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  • Going back even before the year 1400 it was a residence for “Hallingers” (Hallinger = salt administrator).
  • From 1450, it was owned by Emperor Friedrich III, who handed it over to Andreas Wagen (1474-1499).
  • In the year 1474, Andreas Wagen became the head of the salt administrations in Aussee.
  • In 1493, Andreas Wagen sold the house to his successor, Hans Herzheimer.
  • In 1519, Herzheimer left Aussee and sold the house to his successor, Christoph von Praunfalkh.
  • In 1533, the ownership was transferred to Michl Widmer.
  • In 1655, it was opened as a Municipal Council and Court House.
  • In 1742, a large local fire caused strong damage to the house.
  • In 1858, Entry for a license, for the selling of wine.
  • In 1880, Special permission given by Anna Plochl for the house‘s name “Gasthof zum Erzherzog Johann”.
  • From 1978 to 1982 Conversion to a 4 * hotel, yet preservation of the historic southern gable façade.
  • Since 1982, the leading hotel in the city of Bad Aussee.

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