Meran Haus

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14 Meran Haus
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  • The building is from the 16th century and has a “Biedermeier” area façade.
  • A former coaching inn and birthplace of Anna Plochl (wife of Erzherzog Johann and later Countess of Meran).
  • The name of the square in front of the house was also changed to “Meranplatz” in honour of the house’s history (until 1850 it was called Johannsplatz).
  • Anna Plochl was born in this house on January 6th, 1804 and died here on August 4th,1885.
  • The commemorative plaque for Anna Plochl was unveiled on August 15th,1954.
  • To this day the Meranhaus is still under monument protection and inhabited by the descendants of Anna Plochl.

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