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02 Haus Vesko
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  • The house had probably served as a “drying house” (for the drying of raw salt obtained in the salt mines) until the end of the 16th century.
  • A contract from 1594 shows that a Philipp Schrempf was allowed to build a “farrier’s house” (equipment for the fitting of horseshoes) from this point onwards. For this purpose, a farrier was established and from 1647 onwards it became a full-fledged forge.
  • Eduard Grogger from Mitterndorf, bought the house, renovated it and opened a coffee house on the 24th of December 1859 – a pioneering achievement in tourism.
  • In 1880, Franz and Anna Vesco acquired the property. The house was rebuilt several times and from 1913 on, it served as a coffee house, ball room and hotel.
  • In 1955, the company was closed and the ground floor was rented to the Meinl Company (Wiener Feinkostgeschäft with branches all over Austria).
  • After that it was rent to the Billa Group and later to a drugstore chain. A hairdressers’ company has found its place in this house for several generations.

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