Mittelpunkt-Stein und -Brücke

25 Mittelpunktbrücke
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  • In 1949, the magazine `Große Österreichische Illustrierte´started a competition aimed of finding the geographical centre of Austria.
  • `Bad Aussee´was determined to be at the heart of the country by various methods and this fact was confirmed in a report by the University of Vienna.
  • On September 24th, 1949, a ceremony took place in the Kurpark with the famous Austrian actress Maria Andergast (see picture).
  • In 1989, the memorial stone was unveiled on the occasion of the 40th anniversary; the label `Centre of Austria´ is a registered trademark.
  • The memorial stone was created by the sculptor Erich Laufer, using the local Fludergraben marble.


  • This ring-shaped pedestrian bridge was opened on the occasion of the Styrian exhibition `Fools and Visionaries – with a pinch of salt´ in Spring 2005.
  • It is situated at the sight where the Grundlseertraun and the Altausseertraun meet, connecting the three banks at the edge of the Kurpark.
  • The bridge was created in the shape of a Mercedes star and realized in collaboration with the Daimler-Chrysler and the Mercedes companies. It cost about 450,000 €.
  • It has a diametre of 27 metres making it one of the world’s largest Mercedes stars.
  • At the time of its inauguration, the bridge was a source of some controvery; over the intervening years the population and guests have got used to it.

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