Haus Veigl

haus veigl
03 Veigl Haus vom Kurhaus
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  • Composed of two houses: the former Stügerhaus and the Fasser Karlhaus since 1885.
  • The Fasserhaus was in the downtown area, but belonged under the jurisdiction of the Pflindsberg Castle.
  • The former Stügerhaus was owned by various public officers of the salt mines from 1500 to 1785.
  • In 1785, it was declared a k.k. storehouse.
  • From 1810 onwards, the property was owned by various bookbinders. As this occurred over the course of 56 years,it came to be known as the “Bookbinder’s House”.
  • Between the two World Wars, the Stügers’ children’s bedroom became a wine cellar. The interior wall paintings still remind us of those days.
  • 1931 the merchants Anna and Adolf Schmidt bought the building. To this day their descendants, the Veigl family, run a flourishing business.

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