Weißes Rößl

weisses roessl
21 Weißes Rössl
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  • Built in 1390
  • In 1495, it was given to Hans Herzhaimer by Emperor Maximilian I as the “Royal House of the Lord of Raschenberg”.
  • A coat- of- arms made of marble from 1507 is installed above the present main entrance.
  • Translation of the inscription: “The Roman King Maximilian, endowed with imperial majesty, kindly protected me, Johannes Herzhaimer, and through his friendship bestowed upon me this house, in the same sense by a charter in the year 1507.”
  • From 1550 on, the building served as a tailor’s shop and a shoemaker’s. From 1616 on, it was a weaver’s house.
  • In 1653, it became an inn for the first time belonging to Andreas Weikhl.
  • The house name “Weißes Rößl” was already present in 1907.The wooden relief of the white steed on the westside was created by the Ausseer sculptor Alois Feichtinger.
  • From 1927 onwards, the restaurant has been in possession of the family Milkowitz.

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